Sprucing Up Your Garden For Spring

By Cameron Mitchell • May 19, 2021 • Buyer's Blog, Property

Spring is in full swing, and as the weather gets hotter and days are longer, pricing up the garden is a great idea. A garden is an important feature of any home, and as we reach the warmer half of the year we can look toward our gardens to bring some vibrancy, life, and colour to the property. 


Here at MCR Homes, we understand how crucial an outdoor space is for any home, and today we want to discuss some of the things you can do to spruce up your outdoor space for spring and summer.


Hang baskets 


One of the easiest ways to spruce up the exterior of your home for spring is to invest in a couple of hanging baskets. Hanging baskets can be placed on either side of your front and back door, and can display small flowers such as lobelia, marigolds, busy lizzy, and pansies. Hanging baskets can not only add a splash of colour to your garden but they can improve your kerb appeal, which is essential when it comes to selling your property. 


Create a seating area 


Part of creating a usable outdoor space is investing in a seating area where you can host parties or simply soak in the sun on a lazy Sunday. Consider laying a new patio or wooden decking and invest in rattan furniture which will elevate your garden and bring an air of luxury to your outdoor space.


Trim your trees 


Whether you are green fingered or a gardening novice - one essential skill to have is pruning. Pruning your large shrubs and trees is a simple way to get rid of deadwood and flowers, as well as tidy up wild-looking branches that look overgrown and messy. Part of maintaining a garden is keeping it tidy, and trimming your trees as well as other large shrubs can immediately vamp up the space and elevate it. If you are unfamiliar with how to prune a tree; simply choose a branch, locate a space just above the leaf node, and cut. Always cut just above the node to avoid damaging your plant. 


Plant flowers 


A colourful flower display is always a winner in a spring and summer garden, and there are two main ways you can approach this task. The first is the easiest and involves purchasing a cottage seed mix that typically contains poppies, cornflowers, and other colourful British flowers. You can sprinkle this on an empty flowerbed and throughout the spring and summer, you will see colourful blooms. The other method is to buy bedding plants from the garden centre and plant them yourself. If you are going for a certain colour scheme or style in your garden being able to plant flowers in an order that suits you can be useful. If you have a lot of space you can even create a display such as those you would see at a country garden.


Trim the lawn 


If you have not yet mowed your lawn this year, now is the time to do it. Over autumn and winter, your grass typically will lay dormant and grow very slowly. But by the time warmer weather hits you’ll need all hands on deck to trim it back and get it looking tidy and trim once more. By trimming your lawn every 3-4 weeks, it will stay looking beautiful all summer long. 


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