What Can Homebuyers Get For £250,000 in Different Regions?

The housing market has seen a huge spike this spring. As we come out of lockdown more and more people are putting their houses up for sale or looking for a home to make a fresh start.

This surge in the housing market has been the biggest in a decade, and for those selling their homes, it is incredibly good news. The extension of the stamp duty holiday is a likely contributor to this rise in buyers, and the number of people completing transactions below the stamp duty threshold of £250,000 only looks to increase into the summer months.

So what can you purchase for £250,000?

MCR Property Group is going to explore the current housing market and assess what you may be able to get for under £250,000 in each region of England.

North East

The North East includes stunning locations such as Filey, Scarborough, Northumberland, and more. This picturesque part of the UK has the lowest average house prices – with that of a 3-bedroom home averaging at £152,034.

When looking for a home that is below £250,000, you will be surprised at how much value for money you can enjoy. It is not uncommon in this region to be able to purchase a completely refurbished 3-4 bedroom house for this price.

North West

The North West includes places such as Manchester, Liverpool, and Cheshire – and in this region, the house prices in this region have seen the biggest leap in recent months of 7.3%. The average price of a 3 bedroom home here is £193,357.

Depending on which part of the North West you look at, the prices could fluctuate a lot. However, for under £250,000 you could feasibly get a 2-3 bedroom house with a decent-sized garden in this part of England.

The Wharf in Altrincham is one of our latest developments, and you can get a 1-bed full ownership apartment from £189,950-£212,950. Although not a house, these luxury apartments are a great choice for first-time buyers, and their location in the thriving Cheshire town of Altrincham makes them a popular choice.



One of the most stunning regions of England – Yorkshire is a popular place for tourists and homebuyers alike. Despite this popularity though, the price of a 3 bedroom home averages at just £188,538.

In Yorkshire, you will notice a focus on nature, and many of the homes on the market have historical value or natural features. For £250,000 you could purchase a stunning open plan bungalow, a 3-4 bedroom house, or a cottage in the countryside.

West Midlands

One of the main things to note about this region is the time it takes on average to find a buyer. It takes only 6 days on average to find a buyer, making it the fastest turnaround in England. For a 3 bedroom home the average is £218,545 – making it the priciest so far.

For £250,000 you could purchase a simple 3 bedroom semi-detached home with a sizeable garden and driveway. This is ideal for those looking for a family home.

East Midlands

As we move across the other side of the midlands, we see a decrease in the average price, this time at £211,814. If you are looking to move somewhere more rural and make a fresh start post-pandemic, this is a great region to choose.

For £250,000 you could purchase a small 3 bedroom cottage set away from the road and with a small garden.

South East

As we move further south and toward London, there is a clear increase in the average price of a 3 bedroom home, and in the South East, this is a whopping £372,655. Locations like Kent are idyllic and popular so it is no real surprise that homebuyers jump at the chance to move here.

For £250,000 you will likely be able to find a terraced home with 2 bedrooms and the size of the home will be modest. Your outdoor space will likely be minimal but it is a good option for those looking to downsize. One of our developments currently under construction – St. Bartholomew’s Place in Rochester, offers luxury studio,1, 2, and 3 bedroom houses starting at £154,000.


South West

The South West has a slightly more modest average price for a 3 bedroom home coming in at £291,861. For £250,000 and under you could find a lovely spacious terraced home with 3 bedrooms and a garden. The main draw in this region is the plethora of green spaces to enjoy locally.

Boulevard View is one of our properties on the outskirts of Bristol in the ever-popular South West of England with local transport links to the centre and national transport links as a few miles down the road is the international Bristol airport. For prices starting at £145,000, you will be able to purchase a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment with a fully fitted kitchen fridge freezer, washer dryer, oven hob, and hood microwave. These properties also come with a fully tiled bathroom with a shower and shower screen.


It is no surprise that London is a steep hike above any of the regions we have discussed today. For a 3 bedroom home, you would on average pay £644,648. Even with London being the only region to suffer a price drop of 1.1% in the last 12 months, it is still worlds away from other areas of the country.

If you had a budget of £250,000 and were searching for a home in London, you’ll be able to purchase a sleek and modern apartment with 2 bedrooms. Outdoor space is unfortunately not commonplace in London, which is why this part of the country is more popular with working professionals.

One of our developments, The Old Works, is located in Hig Wycombe which is only a 30-minute commute from London. These apartments range from 1-3 beds and start at a price of £189,950. Often, when considering your options close to London, searching further afield may be the best option.

MCR Property Group has a range of stunning properties for sale across the UK. Browse our active listings to find your forever home.

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Stunning Spring Walks Near Altrincham

Altrincham is a thriving town in Trafford, Greater Manchester. Voted the ‘Best Place To Live In 2020’ this area is rapidly growing in popularity and is the perfect place to call home.

This lively town has a lot to offer and here you can enjoy some of the best restaurants and bars in the North West. From comforting Italian cuisine at Sugo Pasta Kitchen to Porta’s Spanish-influenced menu – you’ll always enjoy a brilliant day out in Altrincham. 

Today we are going to take a look at some of the best beauty spots in and around Altrincham for you to add to your spring bucket list.


Broadheath Canal Waterways


If you are looking to stay local to Altrincham you can always take a stroll along the banks of Bridgewater Canal in the Broadheath area. The canal traces a path through Altrincham and up towards Lymm and is the ideal spot for a low-impact stroll with your family or friends. Travel for as long as you wish and take in the beauty of the waterways while maintaining easy access to many of Altrincham’s amenities. If you walk toward Viaduct Road, you will be able to stop off at a new cafe opened by ex-Rugby player Alex Shaw. Kickback Coffee is housed within one of the railway arches and is perfectly positioned on the banks of the canal for dog walkers and cyclists alike.


Dunham Massey 



Dunham Massey is a popular National Trust site in Cheshire and boasts another sanctuary for Red Deer in the North West. There is a rich history on the grounds of Dunham Massey – with 45 listed buildings on the property. 


Dunham Massey Hall is a stunning historical site built in 1616 by sir George Booth, who received one of the first Baronetcies by King James I. It is a Grade I listed building and offers tours inside the premises throughout the year. 


This park, in particular, is popular with the locals due to the stunning lake that sits in the middle of the park, as well as its cafe which serves food and drinks both for takeaway and seating in. The most wondrous thing about Dunham Massey is witnessing its foliage bloom and change through the spring and summer months. This scenic and accessible walk is ideal for both elderly adults and children and offers the perfect place for a Sunday Stroll.


Dunham also has plenty of fallen tree trunks and branches that are perfect for kids to climb on and play with. As well as this – Dunham is the perfect place for den building, and they sell ice cream to put a smile on any child’s face!


Tatton Park

Perhaps one of the most famous walks in the Manchester area is Tatton Park. Tatton Park is located in Knutsford and is synonymous with its red deer which roam the ground throughout the year. Tatton Hall was built at the end of the 17th Century and has been both a residence for the Lord Chancellor of England as well as a tourist attraction. The house and gardens are popular with guests and as a National Trust site – this area is protected and maintained to the highest standard. 

Only a 16-minute drive from our Wharf Road development, Tatton Park is the ideal escape from city living and provides a wonderful day out for the whole family. Whether you choose to have a calming stroll by the lake, explore the woodlands, or visit the house, gardens, and carousel ride; there are plenty of things to do. 

After a stroll around the park as well as up toward Knutsford at the far end of the park, you can grab a seat at the Gardener’s Cottage cafe and enjoy some delicious food and drink.


Tatton is a location that has something for everyone. for dog walkers it offers vast grounds for your furry friend to run around and enjoy (and a lake to swim in). Tatton has a farm that allows visitors throughout the year including a play barn for your kids to meet some cute animals and if you visit the gardens your child can amuse themselves in the maze too. For those who are green-fingered; Tatton Park hosts the RHS Flower Show every July with a wealth and breadth of stunning garden displays, artwork, and food for sale. Tatton also has food festivals and other activities throughout the year guaranteeing that there is always something fun to do during your visit. 


Spud Wood 


Spud Wood is a less well-known beauty spot close to Altrincham and truly serves as a hidden gem for visitors. It is situated in Lymm and comprises a small woodland walk as well as a canal pathway that runs along The Bridgewater Canal, incidentally the same canal beside which our Wharf Road development resides. 


Spud Wood is named so because it used to be a potato field, but today it is a popular spot for dog walkers and has a wide array of wildflowers and native grasses to enjoy. Perhaps if you are lucky, you will see the signs of a Badger set within the woodland. 


The best reason to visit Spud Wood is not the destination itself, but where you can walk from this location. Travelling one way within 15 minutes you can reach a charming English pub called ‘The Barn Owl’ and enjoy a pint while looking out onto the water. And heading the other way, if you stroll along the canal for around 40-50 minutes, you will reach ‘The Swan with Two Nicks’ in Little Bollington, and from there it is just a 30-minute walk to Dunham Massey. 


Trafford has many brilliant green spaces to enjoy, and Altrincham is easily accessible from some of the best beauty spots in Manchester. Consider one of our luxury apartments at The Wharf, Altrincham this year and find your perfect family home. 


Government announces re-introduction of 95% mortgages for homebuyers

Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced plans to turn generation rent into generation buy. A new help-to-buy scheme will bring back 95% mortgages for those living in England and Northern Ireland from the 1st April. Alongside the extension of the stamp duty holiday, this will help many homebuyers get on the property ladder in 2021. 


COVID-19 saw some huge changes with regards to 95% mortgages and they became pretty much obsolete. In February 2021 there were only 5 95% mortgage products available compared to 391 in March 2020. This has had a huge impact on homebuyers who may have suffered financial strain during the pandemic and therefore have been unable to save a hefty deposit. 


As the housing market began to bounce back during the pandemic, this brought with it a rise in the average house price to £251,500. This has been a blow to many first time buyers who have been looking to purchase, and as such the number of properties bought by first time buyers with a mortgage below 10% has decreased by 80% since last year. 


The Help To Buy Equity Loan Scheme will be open from April 2021 and will run until the end of 2022, with the aim of encouraging the younger generation and first time buyers to step up onto the property ladder instead of renting property. 


Who is eligible? 


Any household that is ‘creditworthy’ will be eligible for this scheme. If your household is struggling to save a large enough deposit, the scheme will help facilitate your purchase with a reduced deposit being allowed, as low as 5% according to Which. It only applies to properties that cost £600,000 or less, and only applies to standard residential homes and therefore will not include second homes or buy-to-lets. 


The scheme could potentially see a slight rise in interest from the current level of 3-3.5% for 90% mortgages to 3.5-4% for the new 95% mortgages. However, lenders may adjust their rates and offer lower deals. 


Neal Hudson, housing market analyst for BuiltPlace, states “A 95% mortgage is no help in London and other expensive parts of the country because you bump up against the affordability tests. It will really be most help in the Midlands and the north.” It is important to consider that these changes are aimed at helping the market as a whole and not a group of individuals.


As the world looks to get back to normal in the coming months, it is important for schemes like the help-to-buy and stamp duty holiday to be in place for those who need financial assistance. 


If you are looking for your new home in 2021, MCR Homes have a range of houses and apartments that offer help-to-buy schemes. Enquire today to learn more. 


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Is The Housing Market On The Rise During COVID?

The housing property market has been a question on many lips in recent months, and contrary to what many might assume; it is on the rise in most areas. The UK property market has seen a small boom in the last few months with the HMRC estimating 121,640 sales in January which is a 24.1% rise year on year compared with January 2020. 


However with the stamp duty holiday ending in April – will this remain the case? 


As of now, property markets across the UK are open which means that estate agents are able to conduct in-house viewings and buyers can move home. As specialists in the property field, MCR Homes will be able to provide expert guidance to those house hunting in 2021. Despite the lockdown measures currently in place, many are taking the opportunity to move and there was an increase in home sales from 152,480 to 346,360 from Q2 to and Q4 of 2020, respectively. Stamp duty changes put in place by the government during this period is likely a contributing factor to this growth. 


For many people now is the right time to make a change after almost a year stuck looking at the same four walls. If you are looking to move out and make a fresh start post-pandemic, now could be a good chance to take the bull by the horns and do it. 


Since last summer, the housing market has been on the rise from approximately 40,000 sales in . The stamp duty changes put in place by the government during this period are most likely the cause. The stamp duty cuts vary however buyers at the moment could stand to save thousands on their purchase. It is important to note that this ends on the 31st March 2021. Take your chance before it is too late to take advantage of these changes. 


In 2020, The Land Registry calculated that property prices went up by 8.5% year-on-year. The average value of a UK home now is £251,500, making the opportunity to take advantage of stamp duty cuts now more advantageous than in the coming months.


As the housing market continues to change in the coming months – you can consider getting in touch with us here at MCR Homes to facilitate your house move. Whether buying or renting your next property, don’t hesitate to get in touch for advice.


Housing Market set to surge in spring

House prices look set to rise in spring as the property market sees a surge across the UK. MCR Property Group alongside many other developers will likely see a surge of interest in homes and rentals across the country.  


The UK housing market is experiencing high demand as the country starts to come out of lockdown restrictions; and the recent Stamp Duty and Help To Buy Scheme news has only boosted it more.  


House prices look to receive a 0.8% boost of £2,484 in March and buyer’s demand has risen higher than any point in the last 10 years. Rightmove states that the number of buyers making enquiries on new homes are at a record level. 


The spring selling period traditionally shows a boost for the housing market, but in the first week of March 2021 alone there was a rise of 12% compared to March of 2020. 


It is important to note that there is a shortage of stock on the market at this time; and competition has likely also been a contributing factor to the price hike. 


Rightmove’s House Price Index offers a comprehensive view of the current figures and shows the biggest surge in the spring market that has been seen in the last decade. 


For sellers – the news only gets better as sold STC properties currently make up almost two thirds of every agents’ supply. It means for those looking to sell their home now is a great time to consider putting their home on the market. 


For those who are eagerly awaiting upcoming assets to the market – browse the properties currently for sale and rent at MCR Property. Liaising directly with the developer can save a lot of hassle and money, and could see you in your new home by summer 2021. 


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