What Can Homebuyers Get For £250,000 in Different Regions?

The housing market has seen a huge spike this spring. As we come out of lockdown more and more people are putting their houses up for sale or looking for a home to make a fresh start.

This surge in the housing market has been the biggest in a decade, and for those selling their homes, it is incredibly good news. The extension of the stamp duty holiday is a likely contributor to this rise in buyers, and the number of people completing transactions below the stamp duty threshold of £250,000 only looks to increase into the summer months.

So what can you purchase for £250,000?

MCR Property Group is going to explore the current housing market and assess what you may be able to get for under £250,000 in each region of England.

North East

The North East includes stunning locations such as Filey, Scarborough, Northumberland, and more. This picturesque part of the UK has the lowest average house prices – with that of a 3-bedroom home averaging at £152,034.

When looking for a home that is below £250,000, you will be surprised at how much value for money you can enjoy. It is not uncommon in this region to be able to purchase a completely refurbished 3-4 bedroom house for this price.

North West

The North West includes places such as Manchester, Liverpool, and Cheshire – and in this region, the house prices in this region have seen the biggest leap in recent months of 7.3%. The average price of a 3 bedroom home here is £193,357.

Depending on which part of the North West you look at, the prices could fluctuate a lot. However, for under £250,000 you could feasibly get a 2-3 bedroom house with a decent-sized garden in this part of England.

The Wharf in Altrincham is one of our latest developments, and you can get a 1-bed full ownership apartment from £189,950-£212,950. Although not a house, these luxury apartments are a great choice for first-time buyers, and their location in the thriving Cheshire town of Altrincham makes them a popular choice.



One of the most stunning regions of England – Yorkshire is a popular place for tourists and homebuyers alike. Despite this popularity though, the price of a 3 bedroom home averages at just £188,538.

In Yorkshire, you will notice a focus on nature, and many of the homes on the market have historical value or natural features. For £250,000 you could purchase a stunning open plan bungalow, a 3-4 bedroom house, or a cottage in the countryside.

West Midlands

One of the main things to note about this region is the time it takes on average to find a buyer. It takes only 6 days on average to find a buyer, making it the fastest turnaround in England. For a 3 bedroom home the average is £218,545 – making it the priciest so far.

For £250,000 you could purchase a simple 3 bedroom semi-detached home with a sizeable garden and driveway. This is ideal for those looking for a family home.

East Midlands

As we move across the other side of the midlands, we see a decrease in the average price, this time at £211,814. If you are looking to move somewhere more rural and make a fresh start post-pandemic, this is a great region to choose.

For £250,000 you could purchase a small 3 bedroom cottage set away from the road and with a small garden.

South East

As we move further south and toward London, there is a clear increase in the average price of a 3 bedroom home, and in the South East, this is a whopping £372,655. Locations like Kent are idyllic and popular so it is no real surprise that homebuyers jump at the chance to move here.

For £250,000 you will likely be able to find a terraced home with 2 bedrooms and the size of the home will be modest. Your outdoor space will likely be minimal but it is a good option for those looking to downsize. One of our developments currently under construction – St. Bartholomew’s Place in Rochester, offers luxury studio,1, 2, and 3 bedroom houses starting at £154,000.


South West

The South West has a slightly more modest average price for a 3 bedroom home coming in at £291,861. For £250,000 and under you could find a lovely spacious terraced home with 3 bedrooms and a garden. The main draw in this region is the plethora of green spaces to enjoy locally.

Boulevard View is one of our properties on the outskirts of Bristol in the ever-popular South West of England with local transport links to the centre and national transport links as a few miles down the road is the international Bristol airport. For prices starting at £145,000, you will be able to purchase a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment with a fully fitted kitchen fridge freezer, washer dryer, oven hob, and hood microwave. These properties also come with a fully tiled bathroom with a shower and shower screen.


It is no surprise that London is a steep hike above any of the regions we have discussed today. For a 3 bedroom home, you would on average pay £644,648. Even with London being the only region to suffer a price drop of 1.1% in the last 12 months, it is still worlds away from other areas of the country.

If you had a budget of £250,000 and were searching for a home in London, you’ll be able to purchase a sleek and modern apartment with 2 bedrooms. Outdoor space is unfortunately not commonplace in London, which is why this part of the country is more popular with working professionals.

One of our developments, The Old Works, is located in Hig Wycombe which is only a 30-minute commute from London. These apartments range from 1-3 beds and start at a price of £189,950. Often, when considering your options close to London, searching further afield may be the best option.

MCR Property Group has a range of stunning properties for sale across the UK. Browse our active listings to find your forever home.

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Sprucing Up Your Garden For Spring

Spring is in full swing, and as the weather gets hotter and days are longer, pricing up the garden is a great idea. A garden is an important feature of any home, and as we reach the warmer half of the year we can look toward our gardens to bring some vibrancy, life, and colour to the property. 


Here at MCR Homes, we understand how crucial an outdoor space is for any home, and today we want to discuss some of the things you can do to spruce up your outdoor space for spring and summer.


Hang baskets 


One of the easiest ways to spruce up the exterior of your home for spring is to invest in a couple of hanging baskets. Hanging baskets can be placed on either side of your front and back door, and can display small flowers such as lobelia, marigolds, busy lizzy, and pansies. Hanging baskets can not only add a splash of colour to your garden but they can improve your kerb appeal, which is essential when it comes to selling your property. 


Create a seating area 


Part of creating a usable outdoor space is investing in a seating area where you can host parties or simply soak in the sun on a lazy Sunday. Consider laying a new patio or wooden decking and invest in rattan furniture which will elevate your garden and bring an air of luxury to your outdoor space.


Trim your trees 


Whether you are green fingered or a gardening novice – one essential skill to have is pruning. Pruning your large shrubs and trees is a simple way to get rid of deadwood and flowers, as well as tidy up wild-looking branches that look overgrown and messy. Part of maintaining a garden is keeping it tidy, and trimming your trees as well as other large shrubs can immediately vamp up the space and elevate it. If you are unfamiliar with how to prune a tree; simply choose a branch, locate a space just above the leaf node, and cut. Always cut just above the node to avoid damaging your plant. 


Plant flowers 


A colourful flower display is always a winner in a spring and summer garden, and there are two main ways you can approach this task. The first is the easiest and involves purchasing a cottage seed mix that typically contains poppies, cornflowers, and other colourful British flowers. You can sprinkle this on an empty flowerbed and throughout the spring and summer, you will see colourful blooms. The other method is to buy bedding plants from the garden centre and plant them yourself. If you are going for a certain colour scheme or style in your garden being able to plant flowers in an order that suits you can be useful. If you have a lot of space you can even create a display such as those you would see at a country garden.


Trim the lawn 


If you have not yet mowed your lawn this year, now is the time to do it. Over autumn and winter, your grass typically will lay dormant and grow very slowly. But by the time warmer weather hits you’ll need all hands on deck to trim it back and get it looking tidy and trim once more. By trimming your lawn every 3-4 weeks, it will stay looking beautiful all summer long. 


Is The Housing Market On The Rise During COVID?

The housing property market has been a question on many lips in recent months, and contrary to what many might assume; it is on the rise in most areas. The UK property market has seen a small boom in the last few months with the HMRC estimating 121,640 sales in January which is a 24.1% rise year on year compared with January 2020. 


However with the stamp duty holiday ending in April – will this remain the case? 


As of now, property markets across the UK are open which means that estate agents are able to conduct in-house viewings and buyers can move home. As specialists in the property field, MCR Homes will be able to provide expert guidance to those house hunting in 2021. Despite the lockdown measures currently in place, many are taking the opportunity to move and there was an increase in home sales from 152,480 to 346,360 from Q2 to and Q4 of 2020, respectively. Stamp duty changes put in place by the government during this period is likely a contributing factor to this growth. 


For many people now is the right time to make a change after almost a year stuck looking at the same four walls. If you are looking to move out and make a fresh start post-pandemic, now could be a good chance to take the bull by the horns and do it. 


Since last summer, the housing market has been on the rise from approximately 40,000 sales in . The stamp duty changes put in place by the government during this period are most likely the cause. The stamp duty cuts vary however buyers at the moment could stand to save thousands on their purchase. It is important to note that this ends on the 31st March 2021. Take your chance before it is too late to take advantage of these changes. 


In 2020, The Land Registry calculated that property prices went up by 8.5% year-on-year. The average value of a UK home now is £251,500, making the opportunity to take advantage of stamp duty cuts now more advantageous than in the coming months.


As the housing market continues to change in the coming months – you can consider getting in touch with us here at MCR Homes to facilitate your house move. Whether buying or renting your next property, don’t hesitate to get in touch for advice.


Housing Market set to surge in spring

House prices look set to rise in spring as the property market sees a surge across the UK. MCR Property Group alongside many other developers will likely see a surge of interest in homes and rentals across the country.  


The UK housing market is experiencing high demand as the country starts to come out of lockdown restrictions; and the recent Stamp Duty and Help To Buy Scheme news has only boosted it more.  


House prices look to receive a 0.8% boost of £2,484 in March and buyer’s demand has risen higher than any point in the last 10 years. Rightmove states that the number of buyers making enquiries on new homes are at a record level. 


The spring selling period traditionally shows a boost for the housing market, but in the first week of March 2021 alone there was a rise of 12% compared to March of 2020. 


It is important to note that there is a shortage of stock on the market at this time; and competition has likely also been a contributing factor to the price hike. 


Rightmove’s House Price Index offers a comprehensive view of the current figures and shows the biggest surge in the spring market that has been seen in the last decade. 


For sellers – the news only gets better as sold STC properties currently make up almost two thirds of every agents’ supply. It means for those looking to sell their home now is a great time to consider putting their home on the market. 


For those who are eagerly awaiting upcoming assets to the market – browse the properties currently for sale and rent at MCR Property. Liaising directly with the developer can save a lot of hassle and money, and could see you in your new home by summer 2021. 


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2018 Budget – How will the property market be affected

The 2018 Budget will be announced and made public at 3:30pm today. There has been a fair amount of controversy over what the 2018 Budget may mean for First Time Buyers, Overseas Investors and Landlords. In this article we will make our own predictions on what ramifications the 2018 Budget may have on the British property market, based on industry insights and past projects.

Stamp Duty

In a conference in Birmingham discussing the current housing crisis, Theresa May announced that the 2018 Budget will introduce an increase in stamp duty for individuals and companies not paying tax in the UK. Theresa May stated that this is a result of overseas investors and foreign buyers and landlords ‘taking advantage of Britain’s housing market”. Stamp duty for domestic buyers or individuals paying tax will remain relatively high. However, first time buyers will not be required to pay a stamp duty on properties worth less than £300,000.

Overseas Investors

When discussing the 2018 Budget earlier this year, Theresa May stated: “overseas investors will have to pay a new levy” in the form of an increased stamp duty. Neither Theresa May or the Chancellor have announced exactly how much the proposed new stamp duty will be. A key issue that Theresa May discussed revolved around overseas investors exploiting the buoyant British property market to accumulate profit. This has resulted in many properties being left vacant, simply sitting there to make a profit. However, what this statute of the 2018 Budget fails to account for is the positive impact overseas investors have on Britain’s property market.

Many of the projects we lead involve overseas investors and provide a range of different properties to buyers and renters across the UK. Last year we brought over 152 properties to South Manchester. The property was co-developed with domestic and overseas investors and developers. The whole project was a success and provided a sought-after area of Manchester with a range of contemporary competitively priced apartments and larger deluxe townhouses. Increasing the stamp duty tax on every overseas investor could result in a domestic slump in new developments.

First Time Buyers

The 2018 Budget appears to maintain the positive level of support the Government has provided first time buyers over the last year. According to recent research conducted by THISISMONEY.co.uk, first time buyers have saved on average around £2,337 each over the last year. Chancellor Phillip Hammond introduced a tax relief in last year’s Budget and has provided first time buyers with a greater opportunity to get their foot onto the property ladder. However, the ladder is still by no means an obstacle easily overcome. Many first time buyers are still faced with the almost impossible task of saving up for a deposit.

Help to Buy

The Help to Buy scheme is a Government incentive aimed at making buying a property easier for young/first time buyers. The Help to Buy scheme is essentially a loan/ISA provided by the Government as a contribution towards the deposit. Help to Buy ISAs are typically available on new build homes although there may be exceptions to this. The process works like this: if the property is eligible, the Government will lend buyers up to 20% of the total cost of the property. The buyers will only be required to provide 5% of the deposit and can pay the HTB loan off interest free for up to 5 years.

As one of largest and diverse property developers in the UK, MCR Property Group, along with its sales and consultancy arm, MCR Homes, has seen the outstanding benefits the HTB scheme has provided buyers with. MCR Homes and MCR Property Group are currently leading a project in the fashionable Ancoats area of Manchester. The project is aimed at providing young professionals/families with luxury apartments in a vibrant, practical location to Manchester. The Help to Buy scheme will make the prospect of living in contemporary, fully fitted apartments in a central location more realistic and attainable for many first time and younger buyers.

Tax Relief

Despite the rising costs for property in the UK, Government incentives, mainly in the form of tax relief, for investors and landlords has been inconsistent. Changes in the investor/landlord property tax system have unsurprisingly placed concern in the minds of investors and landlords. The current buy to let mortgage tax relief that provided landlords with a significant deduction in their tax bill is changing, the way in which landlords declare their rental home income is set to be completely reformed by 2020 and the 2018 Budget could bring this closer. Landlords only pay tax on the net value of their rental homes, with the current tax relief they do not have to declare any profits made. The 2018 Budget could see this tax relief change and landlords will be required to pay tax on their profits as well as net worth.

Capital Gains Tax

Currently, investors/landlords are required to pay a capital gains tax when they are selling any property. Capital gains tax is the highest taxation on any commercial asset. With current system, basic-rate tax payers are required to pay 18% and higher-rate tax payers are required to pay 28% of the value of the sale of a property. According to The Telegraph, the 2018 Budget could result in landlords/investors having to pay an inflated capital gains tax. The Chancellor and Theresa May have both announced that the 2018 Budget will emphasise support for the NHS, financial advisors are anticipating that the extra funds will be sourced from increasing capital gains tax.

Renters may get access to rogue landlord database

A database of rogue landlords would be opened up to prospective tenants under government plans.

The Rogue Landlords Database was launched in 2018 and only has ten names on it so far.

It includes those who have been banned for failing to make a property habitable, or have been convicted of serious offences.

At the moment the list is only open to local authorities but under a package of rent reforms it will be opened up.

The proposals apply to England as housing policy has been devolved.

“This database has the potential to ensure that poor quality homes across the country are improved and the worst landlords are banned, and it is right that we unlock this crucial information for new and prospective tenants,” said Communities Secretary James Brokenshire.

“Landlords should be in no doubt that they must provide decent homes or face the consequences.”

More than four and half million households rent from private landlords in England, a number which has risen dramatically in recent years as buying a house has become more expensive.

“Renters have to provide references from employers and previous landlords before a landlord hands over the keys to a new flat. So it is only fair that renters get the opportunity to check that a prospective landlord doesn’t have a criminal record,” said Dan Wilson Craw, director of Generation Rent, which campaigns on behalf of tenants.

“This plan is another victory for renters, though we need much more effective enforcement to identify all landlords who have been breaking the law,” he added.

The move will be open to a 12-week consultation which will also consider whether to widen the scope of the rogue list to more housing-related offences, such as breaching the Tenant Fees Act.

Access to the Rogue Landlords Database is part of a wider package of reform to the rental sector, which includes an end to no-fault evictions, which allow landlords to get rid of tenants without a reason after their fixed-term tenancy period has ended.

Regency plans luxury homes on Alderley Edge nightclub site

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]MCR Homes is aiming to complete a 12-home development in Alderley Edge by autumn this year as the scheme’s detached houses hit the market for at least £1m each.

Regency, part of the MCR Property Group, will build the development through its in-house construction business, and will deliver a mix of detached and semi-detached homes, all of which are single-storey.

Designed by Coda Studios, the development just off the A34 also includes woodlands and a lake over a 4.5 acre site, which formerly housed the 18,000 sq ft Yesterday’s nightclub.

The detached homes are on the market for between £998,000 and £1.2m and prices for the other properties start at £350,000.

Chris Taylor, managing director at MCR Homes, said: “Our expert planning team scrutinised every detail to ensure the creation of a pioneering and beautiful development, while guaranteeing minimal visual impact on the North Cheshire green belt landscape.

“Alderley Edge is one of the most desirable locations in the North West, and this special collection of distinguished homes further demonstrate the wealth and diversity in this sought-after area. We expect demand for the properties to be high.”[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

High Wycombe: £65m development brings 228 apartments to town


A total of 228 new apartments are launching in High Wycombe as property developer MCR Homes prepares to bring to market The Old Works, its £65 million mixed-use development.

The development is set to occupy a circa 2.5-acre site on Leigh Street, which comprises a number of derelict former furniture factories. William Birch warehouse, one of the units, was once home to WM Birch Limited, manufacturers of high-quality arts and craft furniture after they acquired it in 1901.

MCR Homes plans to transform the entire site in multiple phases. The first, named de Havilland Buildings, is inspired by High Wycombe’s rich manufacturing history, in particular noted aircraft designer, Geoffrey de Havilland, and his role in building wooden-frame Mosquito planes for the Second World War.

Phase one will consist of 118 new-build studio, one and two-bedroom high specification apartments for sale. A second and third phase will see the developer build 110 new build homes, including one and two-bedroom apartments with duplexes.

During phase two, a number of properties will be constructed using a retained section of the William Birch warehouse. New office spaces will also be created to meet local business needs.

An 18-month construction programme is expected to commence in August 2018.

Prices will start from £199,000 for a studio apartment, with a Help to Buy application for the scheme currently processing. Suited to first-time buyers and home-movers, the properties will be released for sale in stages.

The Old Works sits one mile from High Wycombe rail station, which provides direct links to London in 23 minutes. In close proximity is Buckinghamshire New University, home to more than 8,000 students.

Chris Taylor, managing director of MCR Homes, said: “High Wycombe is the focus of significant regeneration. Given its excellent links to the capital, the town is attracting major investment, which is resulting in an influx of new residential and commercial developments coming to market.

“The Old Works is a landmark mixed-use development that is aiding the town’s transformation, creating a new community that will offer a new standard of living and working for residents and businesses alike.”

The Old Works adds to MCR Homes’s growing portfolio, which comprises more than 7,000 units in 15 locations throughout the UK.


Property developer hits £50m target in first year of trading

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Property developer and consultancy firm MCR Homes has delivered over £50m worth of projects in its first year.

The firm is part of the MCR Property Group and is already looking to develop 1.5 million square feet of property in the coming 12 months.

Managing director Chris Taylor said: “Our first annual figures are testament to the leading position we’ve quickly established for the business only 12 months since we launched.

“Backed by MCR Property Group, and with a highly experienced team behind us, we’ve been able to identify development opportunities that can deliver high yields for investors nationwide, as well as high spec homes for buyers.”

A total of 290,000 sq. ft. has been developed by MCR Homes since it was founded last year, with 52 per cent sold to residential buyers and 48 per cent to investors.

By the end of 2018, the firm expects to have developed over 1,500,000 sq. ft.

Chris added: “We aim to build on our substantial growth throughout 2018, with targets to increase value to £450m and number of units sold to 2,500.”

MCR Homes has developments across the country including Fifteen the High Street, a contemporary boutique development of 32 apartments in Kings Heath in Birmingham; 12 high specification new homes at Harden Park in Alderley Edge; popular penthouse apartments at Grosvenor House, Norwich; and 99 centrally-located apartments at Queens House in Sheffield.

The company is also expanding its UK reach, with key developments launching in locations such as Edinburgh, Birmingham, Manchester, Swindon and High Wycombe in 2018.

Further growth is expected in 2019 with an additional 5,000 units to be developed across the UK.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Second Phase of £30million Edinburgh Development Launches

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]MCR Homes, part of the MCR Property Group, is bringing phase two of its £30million mixed-use Edinburgh development to market.

Embankment West, located on Gorgie Street two miles west of Edinburgh city centre, has seen one of the two former Chesser House office blocks transformed into prime residential living.

Phase one launched in April 2018, fully selling out to residential buyers who benefitted from the Help to Buy scheme available on the development.

Launching phase two of the development, which also includes Help to Buy, MCR Homes has now unveiled the upper floors of the scheme, including penthouse apartments.

The development comprises a total of 123 apartments, available as one, two and three-bedroom configurations.

Prices start from £129,950 for a one-bedroom apartment and buy-to-let investors can expect strong rental yields of up to 6%.

The second block, still known as Chesser House, consists of 40 affordable housing units, as well as ground-floor retail and leisure space. When completed the entire scheme will be known as Elfin Square.

Chris Taylor, managing director of MCR Homes, said: “Demand for phase one of Embankment West was exceedingly strong, with 50% of the development already sold. We expect phase two to create a similar level of interest, especially among the first-time buyers looking to take advantage of Help to Buy and enter into Edinburgh’s extremely robust property market.

“Edinburgh’s population exceeds half a million and is growing, but there continues to be a major issue with undersupply of quality homes. Considering the city’s documented potential, developing residential space is absolutely key.

“Embankment West is designed to dramatically enhance the area, providing well-designed and affordable housing that meets the needs of this increasingly popular city. We’re excited to be a part of Edinburgh’s significant growth as it continues to make an impact on a global stage.”[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

Regency Brings Mason Street Residential Apartments to Market

MCR Property Group is looking to convert a Victorian mill in Manchester’s New Cross into luxury apartments after acquiring a site on Mason Street.

The redevelopment of the 19th century, 14,700 sq ft building at 32 Mason Street will be developed under its MCR Homes brand, with Coda as architect.

There will be 13 apartments over five floors, with a mix of one, two, and duplex apartments. The current building is largely vacant and was formerly home to fashionwear shops and manufacturers, and was purchased by MCR on 1 June this year.

Chris Taylor, fund manager of MCR Property Group, said the project would “honour the building’s distinctive red brick mill features” including the building’s original entrance and foyer area, and added the properties would be targeted at “young professionals looking to work and live in the city centre”. MCR described the project as “its first venture in Ancoats”, although the site falls under Manchester City Council’s New Cross development area.

MCR also owns a neighbouring property on Marshall Street which it plans to convert into 14 units.

Other developments nearby include the £17m StayCity aparthotel, designed by SimpsonHaugh, which is being built by contractor Bardsley.

MCR’s development pipeline in the city centre also features the Hotspur Press, which is being brough forward in a joint venture with Blue Dog Property. This features a façade retention of the 56,000 sq ft warehouse with a 28-storey tower built behind, designed by architect Hodder + Partners.

Elfin Square welcomes Kevin Stewart MSP

MCR Property Group played host to the Scottish Minister for Local Government, Housing and Planning, Kevin Stewart MSP, on Monday 15 April at its mixed-use Edinburgh development, Elfin Square.

Mr Stewart was shown around the affordable housing scheme by MCR Property Group chief executive officer, Aneel Mussarat, and asset manager, Nick Lake, as part of a wider progress report on a government-backed project to tackle the shortage of mid-market rental homes across Scotland.

The former office block, known as Chesser House, two miles west of the city centre, is a mixed use residential and commercial development offering 40 prime apartments, as well as ground-floor retail and office space.

The second block – known as Embankment West – has been transformed by MCR Property Group into 123 one, two and three-bedroom homes for private sale, available to purchase using Help to Buy.

All 40 units were recently purchased by LAR Housing Trust to meet its target of providing high quality, affordable homes for rent in key locations across Scotland. LAR Housing Trust will retain the name of this part of the development, as Chesser House.

Mr Stewart was in the area visiting LAR Housing Trust’s Westwood House development, another high value commercial-to-residential conversion, situated next to Elfin Square.

Nick Lake, asset manager at MCR Property Group, said: “It was a pleasure to greet Kevin Stewart MSP and showcase how our partnership with LAR Housing Trust is helping to bring vital, new rental accommodation to Edinburgh.

“We had a lively discussion on how the government and private sector can better collaborate to address the housing shortage the country faces and, with a number of high profile developments nationwide, welcomed the minister’s proactive stance on the matter.”

Elfin Square is expected to welcome its first tenants in June 2019.

High Wycombe: Up & Coming Property Hotspot


High Wycombe: An Up and Coming Property Hotspot

As London house prices remain some of the highest in the world, living close to work is unrealistic for many of the 500,000 professionals located in the centre.

Commuting has provided many people with a viable solution to work in a city where property is just too expensive.

Subsequently, many of the boroughs that surround London are becoming increasingly popular. High Wycombe has become a commuter hotspot due to its proximity to London, outstanding transportation links and local amenities.

High Wycombe to London

On a train, High Wycombe to London takes just over 30 minutes, with trains running every 10 minutes to London Marylebone, making the train station one of the most frequent connecting routes to and from the city.

In 2016 the town was voted Number One UK Commuter Town to London, based on its travel time, frequency, cost and house prices.

The short time between High Wycombe to London and the much lower house prices, presents a rare opportunity to live close to London without paying the price tag.

Property in High Wycombe

Property in High Wycombe has represented year on year growth. 2018 has already seen an average £25,000 increase from last year, with demand currently outweighing supply.

The town has seen relatively little expansion over the recent years due to the Councils budget limitations, meaning private investment has remained the main development source of property in High Wycombe. The need for multi-tenure modern property in the area has remained seemingly under-met.

Earlier this year, MCR Homes recognised this growing demand, that if met, will strengthen the local economy and provide people working in the city with a better quality of life. Next year, we will bring  228 mixed-tenure apartments to the area.


Wycombe Schools

Wycombe is home to several prestigious and highly credited schools. Wycombe Abbeyis an independent all-girls school that consistently ranks within the top positions of GCSE and A – Level results in the UK. Last year, 84% of A – Level results were A* -A, one of the highest percentages in the UK.

Another shining example amongst the Wycombe schools is Sir Williams Borlase’s Grammar School. Borlase provides a wide range of opportunities for its pupils and prides itself on educating each student on an individual basis.

The highly regarded selection of Wycombe schools makes the area a great place to raise children or relocate a family.

High Wycombe Market

The High Wycombe Market is an open-air street market that dates back to around 1476. High Wycombe Market has become the hub of the community with a thriving selection of venders and produce.

Some of the produce on offer includes: Caribbean fruit and veg, martial arts paraphernalia, carpets and even exotic fashion.

Wycombe Market is easily found in the town centre and runs every Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.